"My soul magnifies the Lord, And my spirit has rejoiced in God my savior. For he has regarded the lowly state of his maidservant; For behold, henceforth, all generations will call me blessed." Luke 1: 46-48

Akathist Hymn to our Most Holy Lady the Mother of God


Hymn to the Theotokos

It is truly meet to bless you, the Ever-blessed and most Pure virgin and Mother of our God. You are more honorable than the Cherubim and incomparably more glorious than the seraphim; You, without spot of sin, did bear God the Word: and You, verily the Mother of God, we magnify.


Canon. 1st Ode. 4th Tone. Hymn

I shall open my mouth and it will be filled with "the Spirit, and I shall speak of the Queen and Mother, and men shall see me joyously honoring her, and I shall delight to sing of her wonders."

When the great Archangel saw you, O pure Maiden, the living Book of Christ, sealed by the Spirit, he cried unto you; Hail, Vessel of gladness, through whom the curse of our first mother loosed.

Hail, Virgin Bride of God, the uplifter of Adam and the Death-knell of Hades.

Hail, all-pure Maiden, the Palace of Him Who alone is King.

Hail fiery Throne of the Almighty.

Hail briar whence blossomed forth only the Unfading Rode.

Hail, you who did bear the Apple of the goodly savior.

Hail, unwedded Maiden, Fragrance of the King of All and preserver of the world.

Hail, treasure-house of purity through which we rose from our fall.

Hail, Lady, sweet-scented Lily scattering perfume among the faithful; you fragrant Incense and most precious Myrrh.


3rd Ode. Hymn.

"O Mother of God, as a living and bounteous well, do you strengthen those who with hymns praise you, and who are now welded together into a spiritual fellowship; by your divine glory vouchsafe unto them crowns of glory."

As a clear and untilled space you made the divine Ear of Corn to burst forth.

Hail living Table having space for the Bread of Life.

Hail, Lady, perennial Fountain of living water.

The faithful greet you, O mystic heifer, that did bring forth the spotless Calf.

Hail ewe-lamb, for you conceived the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the whole world. Hail, fervent intercessor.

Hail, radiant Dawn, which alone bearest Christ the Sun, O dwelling-place of the Light.

Hail, you who did disperse the darkness and reduce to nothingness the demons of gloom.

Hail, only Gate by which the Word passed through alone; O Lady, by your birth-giving you did shatter the bars and gates of Hades.

Hail divine Entry for those who are saved, most worthy of all praise.


4th Ode. Hymn

"He who sits in the glory of the clouds, on the throne of the Godhead, even Jesus, the most high God, came with strong hand to save those who cry aloud: Glory to Your power, O Christ."

With the words of song to you, O all-praised Maiden, in faith, we sing.

Hail, fertile mountain filled full with the Spirit.

Hail, source of Light, and vase-storing Manna, sweet to the senses of the righteous.

Hail, pure Lady, Mercy-seat of the world.

Hail, Ladder from earth which raised all to grace.

Hail, Bridge which truly leads from death of life all those who praise you.

Hail, pure Maiden, higher than the heavens, who did without pain carry within you the Foundation of the earth.

Hail, Sea-shell that dipped in your blood the divine Purple for the King of the heavenly Powers.

Hail, Lady you did truly bear the Lawgiver who freely blotted out transgressions of all.

O unwedded Maiden, incomprehensible Depth, ineffable height, through whom we become children of God.

With hymns we praise you, O you who did weave for the world a crown not woven by hands, and to you we cry: Hail, O Virgin, Refuge of all, their rampart, their strength, and their divine protection.


5th Ode. Hymn

"The Universe was amazed at your divine glory; for you, O unwedded Virgin, did hold in your womb the God of all, and you gave birth to an Eternal Son Who rewards with salvation those who praise you."

Hail, all-pure Maiden, who did engender the Way of Life and save the world from a surging torrent of sin.

Hail, Bride of God, of great report and mighty fame.

Hail, resting place for the Master of Creation.

Hail., pure Maiden, Stronghold and Fortress of mankind, and Sanctuary of Glory; Death-knell of Hades and Bridal-chamber full of light.

Hail, Joy of the Angels.

Hail, Helper of all who call upon you faithfully.

Hail, Lady, fiery Chariot of the Word, living Paradise having the Lord, the Tree of Life, in your midst; His sweetness gives life to those who in faith partake, though they be yet under bondage to corruption.

We who are make strong with your might, faithfully cry to you: Hail, City of the King of all, glorious and excellent things have clearly been spoken of you.

Hail, unhewn Mount, and Depth unfathomable.

Hail, pure Maiden, spacious Tabernacle of the Word.

Hail, wondrous Shell from which the Divine Pearl was brought; ever, O Mother of God, are you the reconciliation to God, of all those who at any time bless you.


6th Ode. Hymn

"Come, let us who meditate on holiness clap our hands together as we celebrate this sacred and solemn festival of the Mother of God, and let us glorify the God Whom she bore."

Undefiled Bridal-chamber of the Word, and means for the sanctification of us all, hail, all-pure Maiden, the burden of the words of the Prophets.

Hail, Ornament of the Apostles.

From you the dew distilled, O you who did quench the flames of paganism; therefore, to you we cry: Hail, Virgin, you are the dewy fleece foreseen by Gideon.

Behold to you we cry aloud: Hail, be you our haven and our port, when we voyage on the sea of all the tribulations and snares of the Adversary.

O you who are the cause of joy, give us joy in our hearts that we may cry aloud to you. Hail, Bush, burning but unconsumed, a cloud full of lights, which unceasingly shelters the faithful.


7th Ode. Hymn.

"Those who meditated on holiness worshipped not created things but the Creator, and they bravely despised the threats of fire, and rejoiced and sang: o all-praised Lord and God of our fathers, blessed are you.

We praise you and cry: Hail, Chariot of the Living Sun; true Vine that produced the ripe cluster of grapes, dropping wine to gladden the souls of those who in faith glorify you.

Hail, Bride of God, who did engender the Healer of mankind; the mystic Staff whereon the Unfading Flower blossomed.

Hail, Lady, through whom we are filled with joy and inherit life.

The tongue of rhetoric fails to praise you fittingly, I Lady, for you were raised higher than the Seraphim when you did bear Christ, the King; Supplicate Him that all who faithfully reverence you may now be delivered from every hurt.

All the praises and blesses you, and cries out to you.

Hail, pure Maiden, volume in which the Word of the father with His finger has written; supplicate Him, o Mother of God, that your servants may be enrolled in the Book of Life.

We your servants, bend the knees of our hearts and supplicate you. Bend down your ear, O pure Mother of God, and save us who are sunk down in afflictions and guard your City from all assaults of the enemy.


8th Ode. Hymn.

"The Three Children in the furnace were saved through Him Whom the Mother of God bore; then was the type, now is its fulfillment, and the whole world gathers to sing: All His works, praise the Lord and magnify Him ever."

You, O pure Maiden, did receive the Word into yourself, and bear Him Who Bears all things; you did nourish Him, Who by a sign nourishes the whole world, and to him we sing: All His works, praise the Lord and magnify Him forever.

Moses recognized in the Bush the great mystery of your birthgiving, O Virgin Holy and without spot; the Children prefigured this more clearly when they stood in the midst of the fire and were not burned; wherefore we praise you forever.

We who through deceit a foretime were made naked, have been clothed in a garment of incorruption by your Conception; and we who were sitting in the darkness of transgressions have discerned the Light, O Maiden who are the dwelling-place of the Light; wherefore we praise you forever.

Through you the dead are made to live, for you did engender Essential Life; those who before were speechless wax eloquent, lepers are cleansed, diseases are driven away, and the multitude of the spirits of the air are discomfited, O Virgin, salvation of mortals.

Hail, all-blessed and pure Maiden, who has brought forth Salvation for the world, through which we have been raised from earth to the heights above; you are shelter and stronghold, bulwark and fortress of those who sing. All His works, praise the Lord and magnify Him forever.


9th Ode. Hymn.

"Let every earth-born mortal leap in spirit, and carry torched, and let the whole world nature of disembodied Mind celebrate and honour the divine Festival of the Mother of God, and let them cry: Hail, all-blessed, pure, and ever-blessed, pure and ever-virgin Theotokos."

Deliver us, o Maiden, from temptation, from heathen assault, and from every other ill which threatens sinful mortals owing to the multitude of their transgressions, so that we, the faithful, to you may cry aloud, "Hail,"; for through you we become partakers of everlasting joy.

You have appeared as our light and our confirmation, wherefore we cry to you: Hail, unsetting star which led the mighty Sun into the world.

Hail, pure Maiden who opened closed-up Eden.

Hail, fiery column leading mankind to a higher life.

Let us stand with reverence in the House of our God, and let us cry aloud: Hail, Mistress of the world.

Hail, Mary, Lady of us all.

Hail, you who alone are blameless and noble among women.

Hail, Vessel receiving the emptied Myrrh which into you was emptied out.

Hail, O ever Virgin, the Dove which engendered Him Who is merciful.

Hail, boast of all the Saints and crown of those who strive.

Hail, divine ornament of all the just and salvation of us the faithful.

Space, O God, your inheritance and overlook now all our sins, for you have near you, her who earnestly entreats and on earth blamelessly bore you, O Christ, You Who were willing through your great mercy to take upon yourself an alien form.


Kontakion 4th Plagal Tone

To You, the champion leader, do I your city, ascribe thank-offerings of victory, for you, O Mother of Gad have delivered my from terrors; But as you have invincible power, do you free me from every kind of danger, so that to you I may cry: Hail, O Bride unwedded.

An angel, and the chiefest among them, was sent from Heaven to cry; Hail! to the Mother of God (3 times). And beholding you O Lord, taking bodily form, he stood marveling, and with his bodiless voice cried aloud to her saying:

Hail, the Restoration of the fallen Adam.

Hail, the Redemption of the tears of Eve.

Hail, Height, hard to climb, for human minds.

Hail, Depth, hard to explore, even for the eyes of angels.

Hail, you that are the Throne of a King.

Hail, you that sustains the Sustainer of all.

Hail, Star that caused the Sun to appear.

Hail, Womb of the divine Incarnating.

Hail, you through whom Creation is renewed.

Hail, you through whom Creation becomes a babe.

Hail, O Bride unwedded.


Boldly and without fear the holy maiden spoke to Gabriel, knowing her own chastity: To my soul your strange message is hard to believe; how do you speak of a virgin and stainless conception? crying aloud; Alleluia.

Craving to know unknown knowledge, the pure Maiden cried to him who ministered unto her: From a virgin body how is it possible for a Son to be born? Tell me. Then spoke he to her in fear, crying aloud thus:

Hail, initiate of the ineffable, counsel.

Hail, surety of those who beseech you in silence.

Hail, beginner of the miracles of Christ.

Hail, completer of His ordinances.

Hail, heavenly Ladder by which God came down.

Hail, Bridge leading from earth to heaven.

Hail, great marvel and wonder of Angels.

Hail, great cause of wailing in Demons.

Hail, you who ineffable gavest birth to the Light.

Hail, you who withheld the divine secret from all.

Hail, you who over soars the knowledge of the wise.

Hail, you who gives light to the understanding of the faithful.

Hail, O Bride unwedded.


Divine power for her conceiving then overshadowed her who knew not wedlock, and showed her fruitful womb as a fertile field to all those who desire to reap their salvation, as they sing: Alleluia.

Enshrining God in her womb, the Virgin hastened to Elizabeth, whose unborn babe at once recognized the Salutation of the Mother of God, and rejoiced and as it were lept and sung and cried to her:

Hail, branch of unfading growth.

Hail, Wealth of unmingled fruit.

Hail, you who labors for Him, whose labor is love.

Hail, you who tends Him who tends our Life.

Hail, Corn-land growing fertility of mercies.

Hail, Table sustaining abundance of oblations.

Hail, you who revives the green fields of joy.

Hail, you who prepares a haven for souls.

Hail, acceptable Incense of intercession.

Hail, Oblation for all the world.

Hail, favour of God to mortals.

Hail, Access of mortals to God.

Hail, O Bride unwedded.

Floods of doubtful thoughts troubled the wise Joseph within, when he saw you, O blameless and unwedded Maiden, and he feared for you; but when he learned of your conception through the Holy Spirit, he cried: Alleluia.


Kontakion (4th Plagal Tone)

To thee the Champion Leader, do I, your city, ascribe thank-offerings of victory, for you, O Mother of God, have delivered me from terrors; but as you have invincible power, do you free me from every kind of danger, so that to you I may cry: Hail, O Bride Unwedded.

As the first-fruits of nature, the Universe offers to You Lord, the author of all creation, the God-bearing Martyrs. By their supplications, in absolute peace preserve Your church, through the Theotokos, Most-merciful One.

O Christ our God, Who at all times, and at every hour, both in Heaven and on earth, is worshipped and glorified, long-suffering and plenteous in mercy and compassion; Who loves the just and shows mercy to the sinners; Who calls all men to salvation through the promise of the blessings to come; receive also our supplication at this present time O Lord, and direct our lives toward Your Commandments. Sanctify our souls; purify our bodies; set our minds aright; cleanse our Encompass us with Your Holy Angels, so that guided, and guarded by their Host, we may attain the unity of the faith and the comprehension of Your ineffable Glory. For blessed are You unto the Ages of Ages. Amen.


You are more honourable than the Cherubim and incomparably more glorious than the Seraphim; You, without spot of sin, did bear God, the Word; and you , verily the Mother of God we magnify.

O Lady, Bride of God, spotless, undefiled, incorruptible, most chaste and pure Virgin, who by your wondrous conceiving has united God, the Word, to man, and joined the fallen nature of our race to heavenly things; the only hope of the hopeless, and the help of those who fight; the ready help of those who flee to you, and the refuge of all Christians; spurn not me and accursed sinner, though I have rendered myself altogether useless by my shameful thoughts, words, and deeds, and through indolence have become a slave to the pleasures of life; but as the Mother of the merciful God, mercifully have compassion upon me a sinner and a prodigal, and receive my prayer, though it be offered unto you by unhallowed lips; and using your boldness as a mother, entreat you, Son and our Lord and Master that He may extend to me His transgressions, and turn me to repentance, and show me forth as a zealous doer of His commandments. And be ever near me for you are merciful, compassionate, and gentle; in this present life an ardent help and protection, defending me from the assaults of adversaries and leading me to salvation; and in the hour of my passing hence care for my miserable soul and drive far from it the dark visions of evil spirits; and in the awful Day of Judgment, deliver me from eternal punishment, and present me as an inheritor of the ineffable glory of your Son and our God. May this be my lot, O Lady, all-holy Mother of mercy of your only begotten Son, our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ; to Whom belong all glory, honour, and worship, with His eternal Father, and His all-Holy, righteous, and life-giving Spirit, now, and for ever, and from all Ages to all Ages. Amen.

Most glorious, ever-virgin, blessed Mother of God, present our prayer to your Son and our God, and plead with Him, that through you He may save our souls.


Troparion (3rd Tone)

Gabriel stood amazed at the beauty of your virginity, and at the splendor of your purity, and he cried to you, O Mother of God: What promise is meet for me to bring to you? What shall I call you? I hesitate, and marvel. Wherefore as commanded I cry to You: Hail, you that are full of grace.