Prayer is a dialog between God and his People waiting on God in silence lifting of the mind and heart to God walking in the presence of God the source of everything.

"What water and sun are to the body, prayer is to the soul.". . . St. John Chrysostom

Lord, have mercy on me a sinner, judge me on what I wanted to be rather than what I am!

The Hours of the Orthodox Church

Matins 1st Hour

3rd Hour 6th Hour
9th Hour Compline Vespers Midnight

Other Prayers

Akathist Hymn

For Children


For the Departed

For the Sick

Forgiveness and another prayer for Enemies
Married Misc. Prayers

A Personal Prayer

Parents Thanksgiving Time of Trouble


"I am accepted by God; and what is asked of me is to accept the fact that I am accepted. That is the essence of repentance"......Bishop Kallistos Ware